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March 23,2021 Blog


Bear here again.

Things are going well and I am still working to learn more about my health and how to use all the worldly resources available to me in order to say as healthy as possible. I was inspired today to update my account with my blogs from last year.

Hopefully, by putting my blogs on my ETSY site that will give me more motivation to update them on a regular basis. I love to blog and share my story, but it is very time consuming and the editing is a chore for sure.

2020 and 2021 have been amazing, great, upsetting and new for us all for sure. I look for the positive in all things, so I tend to take it all in stride. I lost a lot these last couple of years, and I don 't just mean the weight and bad eating habits either. Yet, I press on and keep it moving as they say. A better day is coming and I do believe its mostly our own perspectives that allow us to either enjoy our daily existence or not.

I choose Joy, and I wish you a great deal of health and joy in your life as well. Keep living, that will scathe off that pesky dying on the vine mess. ✌😊💛💚💜

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