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August 1, 2020 Blog

Kimberly 🐻 here,

...back with an update my weight was 160 at the beginning of this journey, standing at a tall 5'0 nothing, that was not where I needed to be. Those who have been following me know I started a lemonade fast, then transitioned to herbal digestive support tea. I loved the tea so much and saw great benefits, so I decided to sell it and allow others to reap the benefits.

A little back story if you haven't been following me.

Last year, I was pre-diabetic 😥 and had thyroid issues🥴, so this is a personal healing journey for me. You are more than welcome to come along with me. Today, August 27, 2020, I am down 15 lbs., with 15 more to go. At 145 lbs., with a target weight of 130 lbs. Hopefully, I will get there by mid or the end of September.

This was just my way of holding myself accountable. Thank you for following my journey and for all those who have purchased the tea. Thank you so much and know when I send it to you I send it with blessings, hope and strength, so you can be successful on your healthy lifestyle journey. You can purchase the tea from the links below. Be healthy, happy and blessed!!

Talk to you soon,


Purchase Tea here: ETSY

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