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Maudeens Filet Nutrition

The Silver Star porterhouse is certified Angus beef and combines a filet and strip with bone-in flavor. It does come with a choice of side and a choice of soup. It had the croutons taken off, and wedge salad can be added as an option. It comes in 22 oz. size and is 1050 kcal.

Maudeens Filet Nutrition


This is a tender steak with a center-cut filet mignon that is thick and juicy. It is also served with a choice of side and soup. The croutons are taken out to make it gluten free, and it also has a wedge salad as an option. It comes in 6 oz. and 9 oz. sizes and is between 480 and 690 kcal.

Locations such as San Antonio and Waco in Texas and Orlando, Florida locations all reported that they do have bread that is typically gluten sensitive. Due to increased levels of gluten sensitivity in the population, gluten free bread typically prepared from legumes such as rice flour, corn starch, and tapioca starch is finding its way into the nutrition of many.4

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In the menu itself you can see the calorie count: Saltgrass Menu Nutrition. If you want any other Saltgrass steakhouse nutritional information like proteins, sugar, fat content and others like Saltgrass allergen menu you can ask at the restaurant for the nutrition facts of the food you are about to order.


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