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HD Online Player (dbz Broly Second Coming Full Movie D) [HOT]

while seeking the other dragon balls, goku and gohan are attacked by the evil saiyans. goku finishes them off, and they are attacked by broly. goku and gohan flee to their spaceship, and broly takes goku and gohan out of the spaceship. goku lets go of broly, and begins fighting the evil saiyans again. the three of them return to earth and see that there are the other dragon balls on nappa's body. they destroy nappa, and the evil saiyans flee. when they reach earth, goku goes to gohan's house, and sees that he has been missing for many years. gohan has been reunited with his dad, and goku is more than glad to be back. goku goes to the planet vegeta and overhears a conversation between vegeta and a few other officials.

HD Online Player (dbz broly second coming full movie d)

now, everyone goes to confront broly. meanwhile, goku and gohan are making their way back to nappa's planet. however, they pass by broly, who is much more powerful than he was in his last battle. with help from his super saiyan 3 form, he easily defeats all of them. as gohan is about to be killed, broly comes to the rescue. he starts fighting the other evil saiyans, and goku decides to go help his friends.

the transformation is controlled through two transformations: the super saiyan 2 form and the super saiyan 3. the latter form can be pulled off through use of the various forms of the super saiyan, and in some cases, the super saiyan god form. hd online player (dbz broly second coming full movie d) what makes broly particularly annoying is that because he's one of the oldest villains in the dragon ball z series, his behavior and actions are beyond outdated. it was not enough for broly to have merely killed off countless threats to the planet, and he's turned into a piece of useless trash, taking up space and resources and now has to be destroyed. he has entered the battle with nothing but rage left, but no matter how strong goku and vegeta are, broly is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. even after the battle, broly's still a threat and is kept in space indefinitely due to his transformation into a shadow warrior which has no zones to go to, making him a huge nuisance to the z fighters.


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