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Ollio Shoes Where To Buy

That said, after a few months of serious wear and sweaty feet *ahem* it might be a good idea to take out the removable Merino Wool insoles and give them a nice soak. I soaked mine in Oxyclean and water along with my shoes before I tossed them iun with the wash on laundry day, and they both turned out sparkling clean and smell-free!

ollio shoes where to buy

Still on the fence? Check out our complete Allbirds Tree Skippers review for an even more in-depth look the pros and cons of these shoes, plus a quick rundown on a few other pairs of Allbirds I personally wear and love, like the Tree Pipers, which I now have in 3 colors!

Enter the VivoBarefoot Gobi Hi-Top, the lace-up ankle boot that does it all. I have literally worn these babies everywhere from professional events to the Arctic tundra to snow-shoeing.

I wear them on cobblestone streets and asphalt. I wear them at conferences, where I walk upwards of 15,000 steps per day as I hustle from booth to booth to beg brands to throw money at me (HAHA just kidding I love my sponsors being a travel blogger is so glamorous whee).

Comfort is my highest priority when it comes to travel shoes. The Ollio flats are made from soft material, are wide enough to fit my feet and toes without squishing them, and have flexible soles so that I can stand & walk for miles without sore feet or next-day hobbling.

The best walking shoes will provide you with the stability and the cushioning that you need as you walk. There should be enough arch support to prevent your foot from slipping forward as you walk. If there is not enough arch support, your foot will end up sinking into the ground.

To build up my calf strength, I did a LOT of heel raises, which is literally just standing up on your tippy-toes and then coming back down again. Doing them on stairs also helps (you get more of a lift AND a wonderful stretch, which is so good for easing PF pain) as does carrying something heavy and doing weighted raises. I basically got in the habit of doing heel raises throughout the day, whenever I found myself standing around or waiting for something. Strengthening and stretching my calf muscles, along with walking further distances each day in my barefoot shoes (and barefoot outside on soft ground) built up my strength and eased my PF pain within a few months. And soon, I was able to walk to the train station in my new barefoot shoes (about half a mile), wear them all day at the office, and walk home again.

Hello! I recently got turned on to your blog as I was researching for our 10 day honeymoon trip to Europe. I was curious to confirm what shoes you best suited you when you were walking through Europe. We dont plan on doing any true hiking. But everyone I speak to says to buy hiking shoes for walking the cities. I dont really want to if I can help it. We plan to walk a LOT around paris, Italy, Prague to name a few. Any recommendations? Thanks!

I have these ugly pair of sketchers which are super comfortable and I carry them everywhere on my trips. I think the biggest issue I face is finding shoes that go with every outfit, and yet are comfy for long hours of walking.

Great post! I plan to check out the shoes you recommended. Are there any particular shoes you recommend to build up my calf muscles? I am not athletic at all so I feel like the barefoot shoes will cause some pain unless I do some foot / calf conditioning first. Thank you for all the helpful tips and advice!

Wow you described the exact same issues and injuries I have. Been walking heavy bc himing boots for years, created several foot problems. Discovered trail runners this year nd never going back. Topo Athletics specializes in wide forefoot shoes. Their zero drop shoes made my short calve muscles get more flexible. Too bad their not suited for normal walking as they started to rib at the bend point after only few months and strangly the soles are slippery when walking on wet streets. Saucony peregrine 8 has amagingly rugged soles and I can almost walk a rock vertically with them. Too bad no zero drop or not too wide forefoot but they still walk like you walk on clouds, can bearily feel blind guides stones and besides the sole the shoe itself is flexible, breathable but gives more ankle support than the topos. Will definately look into your suggestions as well because you litterally wrote down my years and years of struggle with feet problems and finding fitting shoes as I have a wide front foot but small size. A shoe salesmen actually told me we have more foot problems here in the west because its fashionable to have pointy shoes (yes even the average sneaker is too narrow). Keep up the great work, love your blogs

I always struggle with what shoes to wear when traveling! I always want them to look good but I need to be able to walk in them for hours and that is hard to find! Thanks so much for sharing this. Seriously considering those flats and the trail runners!

As a former runner who has also suffered Plantar Fascitis, I feel your pain! Exploring for hours when travelling always leaves me with sore feet and I too have struggled to find shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable. Will defintely look into purchasing a couple of these travel shoes! Thanks for the information.

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One of the most versatile and timeless pieces of all, these classic slip-on sneakers are an absolute must-have. This particular pair is available in suede and leather in colors ranging from black to white to a fun, metallic silver. You can wear them anywhere, and they go with just about everything.Available sizes: 5-12

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