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Manifesto Of A Serial Killer

OXYGEN TRUE CRIME STARTS THE NEW YEAR WITH THE COMPELLING SPECIAL 'MANIFESTO OF A SERIAL KILLER' PREMIERING SUNDAY, JAN. 1 AT 7 P.M. ET/PT AND NEW SERIES 'FLORIBAMA MURDERS' PREMIERING SATURDAY, JAN. 7 AT 9 P.M. ET/PTThree-Part "Manifesto of a Serial Killer" Reveals How the Disappearance of Paul Cosner Intersects with One of the Deadliest Murderers in California History"Floribama Murders" Focuses on the Most Dangerous Homicide Cases Surrounding the Florida-Alabama AreaOxygen True Crime Ranks as the Fastest Growing Top 30 Cable Entertainment Network Year-to-Date, Overtaking ParamountUNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - Dec. 20, 2022 - Oxygen True Crime, the home of high-quality true-crime programming, starts January with both a gripping account of how the disappearance of Paul Cosner is connected to a landmark investigation of a California serial killer and a look at some of the most outrageous and attention grabbing murders in Florida and Alabama. "Manifesto of a Serial Killer" premieres Sunday, Jan. 1 at 7 p.m. ET/PT and "Floribama Murders" premieres Saturday, Jan. 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Oxygen True Crime ranks as the fastest growing Top 30 Cable Entertainment Network Among Total Viewers in Total Day for 2022-to-date, overtaking Paramount (+6% vis +5%). "MANIFESTO OF A SERIAL KILLER"When a documentary filmmaker sets out to tell the story of one of the biggest serial killer cases in California history, he uncovers a terrifying tale that begins in 1984 with the disappearance of San Francisco resident Paul Cosner. As investigators search for Cosner, they discover Leonard Lake's cabin, where among buried human remains they find Lake's recorded manifesto. When Lake's accomplice, Charles Ng, flees the country, a manhunt ensues and the fight for justice begins. All three parts of the special air back-to-back Sunday, January 1 starting at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen True Crime.Part 1 - "The Disappearance of Paul Cosner"When a documentary filmmaker sets out to tell the story of one of the biggest serial killer cases in California history, he uncovers a terrifying tale that begins with the disappearance of Paul Cosner.Part 2 - "Operation Miranda"With the discovery of Leonard Lake's cabin, investigators find the hidden cell where Lake kept his victims and begin to dig up human remains. They also unearth Lake's recorded manifesto, which details his depraved plans for "Operation Miranda."Part 3 - "The Hunt for Charles Ng"When Lake's accomplice, Charles Ng, flees the country, an international manhunt ensues. The victims' families, including Paul Cosner's sister, Sharon Sellitto, fight to bring Ng to justice and answer for the crimes he committed with Leonard Lake."Manifesto of a Serial Killer" is produced by Bungalow Media + Entertainment LLC with Robert Friedman, Matthew Testa, Lauren Moore Morden, Todd Howe and Mike Powers serving as Executive Producers."FLORIBAMA MURDERS""Floribama Murders," series premiere from Blumhouse Television focuses on the hidden dangers and some of the strangest killers ever investigated in the region around the Florida-Alabama border, affectionately known as "Floribama." This series examines bizarre homicide cases that could only come out of this unique place. "Floribama" premieres on Saturday, January 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen True Crime.Upcoming Episodes"Jackson County Injustice" (Jan. 7)Investigators from three separate counties along the Floribama border team up with the daughter of a missing Jackson County, Florida, man to uncover how the fireworks at a 4th of July celebration ended in murder."Clay County Killer" (Jan. 14)The owners of an Alabama country store are brutally murdered in their home, and detectives must sort through a maze of bootlegging, gambling and family secrets to uncover the killer."Hidden in Chunchula (Jan. 21)After Hurricane Ivan tears through the Floribama region, the discovery of a body in a burnt-out home in Chunchula, Alabama, launches an investigation that reveals an unexpected evil in the community."Targeted in Beulah" (Jan. 28)In tiny Beulah, Florida, security video from the home of a couple known for taking in special needs children contains clues investigators must decipher to learn who targeted the parents for murder and executed them in front of their eight kids."Floribama Murders" is produced by Blumhouse Television and Man vs Robot with Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold, Mary Lisio and James Buddy Day serving as executive producers for Blumhouse Television and Danny Villa and Sergio Villa serving as executive producers for Man vs Robot. Steve Katz also serving as executive producer. ABOUT OXYGEN TRUE CRIMEOxygen True Crime is a multiplatform crime destination for women. Oxygen True Crime remains one of the fastest-growing cable entertainment networks with popular original programming, including the flagship "Snapped" franchise, "Cold Justice," "Injustice with Nancy Grace" and breakout event series such as "Catching a Serial Killer: Sam Little," "Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project" and "Aaron Hernandez Uncovered." The network's digital platform continues to reign as the #1 website dedicated to true crime. Oxygen True Crime's over-the-air platform recently launched in select US markets. Oxygen True Crime is part of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming's Entertainment portfolio, which includes NBC, Bravo, E!, Oxygen True Crime, SYFY, Universal Kids, USA Network and Peacock. For more information, visit ABOUT BUNGALOW MEDIA + ENTERTAINMENT, LLCFounded in 2013 by CEO Robert Friedman, Bungalow Media + Entertainment is an Emmy Award-winning integrated entertainment company that develops, produces and distributes content across all media platforms. Bungalow's recently produced series and films include Little Richard: I Am Everything for CNN Films/HBOMax, Serving the Hamptons for HBOMax, It Couldn't Happen Here for SundanceTV and AMC+, the four-part mini-series Surviving Jeffrey Epstein for Lifetime, the five-part mini-series The Preppy Murder for AMC/Sundance, The Panama Papers for EPIX, and Roswell: The First Witness for History. Additional credits include Emmy-Award winning GIVE for NBC, Corvette Heroes for the History Channel, Landmarks Live in Concert for PBS, 36 Hours with the New York Times for Travel Channel, and scripted dramas APB on Fox, Netflix's Insatiable, and Amazon's Modern Love. Bungalow has also produced the feature documentaries The Devil Made Me Do It for Discovery+, Spring Broke on Showtime, We the People: The Market Basket Effect, and the Clive Owen's feature film, The Confirmation, among others.ABOUT BLUMHOUSE TELEVISIONBlumhouse is a multimedia company regarded as the driving force in the horror renaissance. The company has produced over 150 movies and television series with theatrical grosses amounting to over $4.8 billion. In film, the company has produced iconic, genre, film franchises like Halloween, Paranormal Activity, The Purge, and prolific films like Leigh Whannell's The Invisible Man; Glass, The Visit and Split from M. Night Shyamalan; Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman; Get Out from Jordan Peele; among several others. The television company operates in horror programming - with streaming anthology series like Welcome to the Blumhouse for Amazon and a slate of horror/thriller films for Epix - and has also expanded beyond genre with provocative and acclaimed scripted and unscripted series and documentaries, such as The Thing About Pam, starring two-time Academy Award winner Renée Zellweger, for NBC; The Horror of Dolores Roach, starring Justina Machado, for Amazon; The Good Lord Bird, starring Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke, for Showtime; The Jinx for HBO; Worst Roommate Ever and Our Father for Netflix; and lauded HBO series Sharp Objects, starring Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson, among others.

Manifesto of a Serial Killer

One woman's heartache and determination to find her missing brother leads to the stunning discovery of one of the most chilling serial killer cases in history. In a riveting character-led narrative full of unimaginable twists and turns normally reserved for fiction, detectives discover two depraved men who killed at least 25 people in pursuit of their macabre sexual fantasy to enslave young women at a remote cabin in the woods, and who documented their horrifying crimes. All these years later, mystery still swirls around the facts of this case and the possible involvement of a third person, whose story the show will seek to uncover.

Whether as con artists, serial divorcees, or homemakers with a secret double life, these cases offer fantastic accounts where women take control in the most violent ways. These women will not stop until investigators finally bring them down.

Produced by Ample Entertainment and Motiv8 Media, The First Mindhunter on Oxygen, will revolve around events that will reveal the lost works of Dr. Carlisle and his elaborate never-heard-before recorded interviews with killers like Ted Bundy, Arthur Gary Bishop, Hi-Fi Killers, and Manny Cortez.

Each episode will zero in on the twisted thoughts of the killer and the chilling insights Dr. Carlisle pulls in from their minds. On the other hand, he will also be seen working with his inner circle of detectives, using the recordings and research to get new clues to the cases.

In an interview with \"20/20 on ID Presents: Homicide\" on Investigation Discovery, Kaczynski's sister-in-law, Linda Patrik, who was one of the first to identify Kaczynski as the Unabomber, recalled the first time she suspected Kaczynski was responsible for the serial bombings.

In 1995, before he was identified as the Unabomber, he demanded newspapers to publish a long manuscript he had written, saying the killings would continue otherwise. Both the New York Times and Washington Post published the 35,000-word manifesto later that year at the recommendation of the Attorney General and the Director of the FBI.

The family eventually made the wrenching decision to contact the FBI, and on April 3, 1995, a nine-man swat team apprehended Ted Kaczynski in his cabin in Lincoln, Montana. The team found bomb materials, paneling nails, notebooks that contained almost 40,000 pages of writing and the typewriter on which Ted Kaczynski had typed his manifesto. 041b061a72


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